Factors to consider before getting Solar


What are the Factors to Consider when Getting Solar?

Solar is in the news bigtime. Hardly a day goes by when a local newspaper does not have a solar article. People are talking about solar in offices. Homes and businesses are exploring ways to benefit from solar. Big question is, where do you start?

Let us take a look. What drives the decision to select a solar system for your rooftop?

There are essentially 4 KEY FACTORS:
1. How much does it cost?
2. What is the performance like?
3. How will I fund the purchase?
4. What government benefits are available in going solar?

Firstly, cost of a fully installed rooftop, grid-interactive system can range anywhere from Rs 85,000 to Rs 1,30,000 per kWp depending upon your Supplier, type of your rooftop, quality of components installed, inclusion of batteries and the size of your system. Larger the size, lower the per kWp cost – owing to economies of scale. Most critical is your choice of a good Systems Supplier hand-icon1 – one who studies your power load and its daily profile, performs a proper inspection of the rooftop before quoting, fully supports you by applying to the discom for permission to connect your solar system to the grid, installs the best quality components and provides warranty and AMC support throughout the life of your solar system

Once installed, the SAVINGS sun-icon emerge almost immediately. Power bills for the month(s) following successful commissioning of your solar system start showing reduced usage amounts owing to reduced purchase of grid power, which is now replaced by your own solar power! Best part is your savings continue for the life of the system, 25 years or even more! It is important to ensure though, your installed system matches your needs and is well maintained

Owning your system outright by making an upfront investment is the easiest and fastest way to get solar at your rooftop and start saving on power. Alternatively, one can obtain a loan to fund the system purchase, but you need to be aware that in such case monthly repayments will chew away your power savings, adding more years to your break-even period

The government of India, via its Ministry of New & Renewable Energy has announced subsidies for rooftops for retail, commercial and industrial customers of 30% of total project value for systems up to 100 kWp. While this may sound attractive, it is also very important to be aware that subsidy pipeline is currently empty and applicants have queued up for over 2-3 years in most cases. Overall your decision is whether you wait for a subsidy with a huge waiting period and a risk that subsidy may even be cancelled whilst you wait and see your power bills rising as power rates climb every few months OR get a solar system now and start enjoying power savings almost immediately and become power-independent hand-icon

At Bravo Solar we can help you get your best option. Come and talk to us… boy-icon

New Solar Target by Govt of India –
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