Expensive Car, Daugther’s Wedding or SOLAR?


Expensive Car, Daughter’s Wedding OR SOLAR SYSTEM?

Solar is in the news bigtime. Hardly a day goes by when a local newspaper does not have a solar article. People are talking about solar in offices. Homes and businesses are exploring ways to benefit from solar.

Enter Solar system. For a typical free-standing house with own roof, a 5 KWp system will cost Rs 4 to 5 lakhs fully installed. Big question is, is it worth it? Are there not better uses for your money?

Like spending on a nice car or saving for a daughter’s wedding?

Let us get straight to the point. You could spend same amount of money to buy a nice car. Buying a nice car or any car for that matter is not an investment. It is a straight expenditure. Further, there is no return on this money. It is gone, gone for good – unless you sell the car. Then, you may recoup some money but it will be much less that what you paid for – due to depreciation! hand-icon

We often save for children’s weddings, expensive as they are. It leaves a great impression on friends, relatives and your circle when a wedding is lavish. Some might even argue money spent on a wedding is an investment in the child’s future. Let’s be clear though, there are no tangible legal returns, but wedding albums, videos and memories of a wedding well-hosted are savoured for long hand-icon

Let us take a look at Solar system now. Main objective with Solar is to save on power bills. Let’s see what a typical household will pay for electricity over the years, assuming a conservative 7.5% pa hike in rates:

bravosolarIn 10 years this household would have paid Rs 8.48 lakhs in electricity bills, in 15 years Rs 15.67 lakhs and in 20 years nearly 26 lakhs in bills!

On the other hand, a Solar system of 5 KWp, producing about 22 units/day, suitable for this household,pays itself off in the 6th year! But the most important part is what this household pays–near zero in 7th year, in 8th, and in 9th, 10th, 11th … all the way up to 25 years or even more! Wow! hand-icon1

Of course there is marginal annual maintenance, a likely inverter replacement in 8th-9th year [~ Rs 40,000] and some consumption from the grid, still the fact remains this household will SAVE MASSIVELY ON ELECTRICITY

Now then – could these huge savings over time be used elsewhere? How about on the child’s wedding or on that nice car you have put off?

At Bravo Solar we can help you achieve such savings. Come and talk to us ….. boy-icon

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